Welcome to All Around Digital Media

Combine the Resonating Power of Sight, Sound, Motion & Emotion with LED Mobile Truck Advertising from All Around Digital Media

Welcome to All Around Digital Media

Combine the Resonating Power of Sight, Sound, Motion & Emotion With
All Around Digital Media

All Around Digital media truck display video

Mobile billboard trucks featuring big screen video draws & keeps audience attention. Mobility delivers your message to geo-located, targeted prospects

Build Immediate Brand Awareness; Promote or enhance an Event, New Product or Service; Target New Audiences

All Around Digital Media (AADM) injects the WOW factor into any marketing/advertising campaign. Mobile Video billboards display over 100 times brighter than a traditional static one-dimensional billboard. Combining the powerful combination of size, brightness and clarity, your customized message breaks through the advertising clutter.

All Around Digital media truck display video

Why All Around Digital Media?

Digital Mobile Billboards Engage and Drive Consumer Action

Source: Out of Home Advertising Association 

AADM Process

Frequently Asked Questions

We recommend booking your campaign 30 days from launch. This guarantees a specific start date.It allows us to fine tune your company’s message, zero in on audience demographics and geo-target.

Yes, but we highly recommend customizing this video for the unique Big Screen Video screen

The AADM creative department will produce a customized video for your campaign.

Yes, many companies park the AADM Video Truck at high volume pedestrian locations for maximum exposure of their product, service or event.

Each campaign is different, but in an 8-hour shift a video be seen over 200 times.

This depends on your product or service. For example, a restaurant would want to reach the most people later in the day to drive dinner traffic. 

Currently, AADM runs campaigns from LA to San Diego Counties & inland to San Bernardino.  

Cost is predicated on length of the campaign.

Yes, the AADM Trucks often run multiple different ads during the day. For static or parking campaigns clients can request exclusivity.

One half day (four hours)

No, but QR codes provide a much quicker response option for your campaign. AADM production technicians will create.

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New Advertisers – Ask us about 50% off the first day rate with a 3-day campaign!

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